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Destination Weddings in Portugal

Get married in a vibrant European country with a wedding Portugal, amidst the warm culture, enduring tradition, and beautiful landscape that have characterized this region of the world for eight centuries!

From the temperate, sandy beaches of the Algarve, which have been a popular European destination wedding location for years, to the vineyards of the Douro Valley and the medieval villages on the Alentejo plains, you will find that Portugal is a welcome home for the excitement, joy, and celebration of your wedding. 

The country of Portugal is divided into a number of regions: the Algarve, popular across Europe for its sandy beaches and the seaside city of Faro; the Alentejo, with its rolling plains and medieval villages; the beautiful Acores islands, located far off the west coast of Portugal; the four islands of the temperate Madeira archipelago, located off the Moroccan coast; the Beiras region, known as the “Green Heart of Portugal,” varying in landscape from beaches to plains, mountains to forests, and speckled with farm houses, olive groves, and medieval villages; the Tagus Valley, which includes the cosmopolitan capitol city of Lisbon; and the Douro Valley, which is known for the wine produced by its countless terraced vineyards, as well as for the medieval seaport city of Porto

A celebration of marriage in Portugal provide you with a variety of options for your wedding or honeymoon, whether you want to get married amidst the ancient architecture and green hills of the Alentejo, near a beautiful vineyard somewhere in the Douro Valley, or in a chapel on the beaches of the Algarve.  Whatever area of Portugal you choose, one thing remains the same: despite the varied landscape, spring and fall, with their temperate climates, remain ideal times of the year to travel.  And keeping in mind, of course, that winter is not necessarily the best time to visit the beach, Portugal can otherwise provide a variety of romantic getaways for your special occasion at nearly any time of year.

As a country with enduring culture and tradition, Portugal has a history of varied people groups, most of which came by way of invasion: Romans, Celts, Visigoths, and Moors, amongst other groups, have played a part in Portugal’s rich history, and have consequently left their mark.  Throughout the years, these people groups from Europe and farther have come to Portugal and contributed tangible (art, architecture, landscaping) as well as intangible (attitudes, philosophies) culture to what has now become a country rich in history and heritage.  And despite this history of tumultuous wars and conquering cultures, Portugal has emerged in recent decades as a country very much its own, with people who are serious about enjoying life and who enjoy taking their heritage as Portuguese people seriously, whether that be through hard working, socializing over food and drink, or participating in music and art, both traditional and new.

One of the ways the Portuguese people express this rich heritage is in their traditional ceremonies and festas (festivals) throughout the year, which will add vibrancy and fun to your experience in the country.  These festivals, most of which incorporate elements of Portugal’s Catholic religion, occur throughout the year, but are most common in spring and fall.  Whether you or your guests wish to attend any of these festivals, or simply let them remain an exciting backdrop to your time here, you will find that the food and drink, traditional music, and lively processions of the country's many festivals, whether they focus on film and art, music, or religious tradition, will enliven your experience in Portugal.  The country's intricate history also demonstrates itself through musical, literary, and spiritual traditions that can be experienced beyond the festival atmosphere in such places as the museums and art galleries of Lisbon.  Wherever you choose to hold your wedding reception in Portugal, the rich and varied culture of the country will enrich your romantic occasion. 

One particularly well-known aspect of Portuguese culture is its food and drink.  Renowned for its vinhos (wine) and food, and its port in particular, the country of Portugal has much to offer that will enrich your wedding, including the luscious valleys and vineyards that produce such items as the Douro Valley’s renowned port wine, the sweet Muscat wine of the Setúbal, and the classier, more enduring wines of the Dão region.  You will be able to dine, as well, on the peixes and mariscos (fish and seafood) of the coastal regions and the more substantive fare of the city taverns.  There are also more classy restaurants, many with striking views of the countryside or sea, that serve a combination of local and other continental dishes, and you have the additional option of dining in one of Portugal’s fado cafes and restaurants, where live performances of the country’s historical “songs of sorrow” is a daily occurrence not to be missed.  And while you are in Portugal, you cannot fail to miss out on the delicious olives and olive oil that garnish the region’s foods and the bread and bakeries for which the country is renowned.

As a visual backdrop, Portugal will continue to enhance your wedding or honeymoon: its brightly colored houses, clay-tiled roofs, detailed and decorative architecture, and Gothic churches and palaces will make a lovely and romantic backdrop for your special occasion.  Portuguese architecture is detailed and often elaborate in design and bright in color.  The craft of azulejos (a way of making decorative tiles) adds particular vibrancy and beauty to the numerous homes, churches, and palaces of the Portuguese landscape, and will add the same vibrancy and beauty to your wedding experience in this country.

Celebrate your wedding in Portugal and create beautiful and enduring memories for the most important event in your life.  The scenery, food, people, and culture of this country will not disappoint you!