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Destination Weddings in Sagres

This small town is close to the south-western-most point of Europe known as Cape St. Vincent, where a landmark lighthouse has been made famous by its repeat visitors. This lighthouse is world-renowned, as it directs hundreds of ships through the Cape to safety every year. The surrounding cliffs are a majestic sight against the commanding Atlantic Ocean. As Sagres is located on the south side of the Cape, it is naturally protected from the western winds and rough seas. The beaches immediately to the north of the Cape are more exposed to the winds and rough waves of the Atlantic, so they are more susceptible to dangerous offshore currents.

There is not much vegetation in Sagres because the ground is rocky and the soil is scarce; however, immediately to the north of town, there are 25 distinct varieties of wild orchids that grow rampantly. The restaurants in Sagres are famous for their fish fare. They usually feature a wide variety, and the quality is always remarkably fresh. It is not unusual to see the local fishermen hovering over the cliffs, attempting to catch the freshest seafood.

The nearest town to Sagres is Vila do Bispo, which serves as the administrative center for the area. It also features a number of fantastic fish restaurants. Further to the north of Vila da Bispo is the wide beach of Bordeira. About two-thirds of the distance north on the way to this beach, the small village of Pedralva can be found. This village is a great depiction of what the Algarve was like prior to the influx of the tourism industry.

Weddings are an important part of the celebratory lifestyle of this community, and a ceremony here is sure to experience the town’s famed hospitality.