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Destination Weddings in Porto

Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, is located between the regions  of Douro and Minho.

Mainly industrialized, yet it offers numerous places for tourists to visit.

For instance, Espinho beach is a big draw for those who enjoy vacation resorts along the coast, while Amarante, with its 17th century mansions that overlook the river, is a popular place for those who love history. Amarante is also famous for a sweet egg pastry called "papos de anjo," or angel bellies, which is loved by locals.

Those who like seafood will want to visit the busy port of Matosinhos, or the classic fishing town of Póvoa de Varzim, where great restaurants offer the fresh catch of the day. Póvoa de Varzim is an ancient town that has evolved over the years from a poor fishing community to a trendy resort known for its beaches and a hopping casino.

Among Porto’s numerous cultural traditions is its appreciation of great food.

On the top of the traditional dish list is the Porto Style Tripe (from which the city's inhabitants gain their nickname, Tripeiros, or, those who eat tripe). This dish, which is veal tripe with sausages and butter beans, reflects the area’s commitment to altruism; the Porto people donated all their meat to the ships leaving to conquer Northern Africa, keeping only the animals' tripe for their own nourishment. Therefore, this delicacy is more than simply a recipe, it is symbolic of the Porto natives’ self-sacrifice, and hospitality.

A visit to the lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia, is a lesson in how Port wine is aged and blended and where tasting the assorted varieties can make for a fun-filled afternoon. To eat abundantly, be it the famous cod, meat, or delicious cakes, is what those in Porto enjoy most.

Whether a river-cruise along the Douro, or a golf game at the Oporto Golf Club, this entire district is filled with commerce, industry and amusement.

Porto is also recommended as a wedding destination for those who want a ceremony filled with symbolic meaning set amid an area filled with great style.